What do you picture when
you think of Los Angeles?

The "Silicon Beach"

Though coined the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, Los Angeles is at the intersection of arts, culture, food, and technology. We're a new kind of mecca—home to the fastest and most diverse set of startups, Los Angeles is quickly becoming one of the technology leaders in the nation.

Our mission is to expose students to the diverse technology scene in Los Angeles, connect companies to incredible talent, and build a family of engaged, forward-thinking leaders that will move the city forward.

Los Angeles Tech News

Silicon Beach - The Next Big Thing?

There’s this guarded optimism, at least that I feel, that everyone thinks L.A. could be the next big thing.

There's Something Going on in LA

Many people don’t realize that the majority of the monetization of the Internet originated in Los Angeles but was perfected in Silicon Valley.

Growing L.A. Tech Scene Bets on Entertainment

Los Angeles’s technology industry is riding a wave of Internet video innovation that threatens to swamp the city’s last outpost of bohemian beach culture.

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